Andy Shidner

President. A lifelong avid outdoor enthusiast, Andy is also and innkeeper and organic gardener at Currant Ridge Lodge in McCarthy.

Eric Christensen, Vice President Eric is a 12-year resident of Valdez. His interests and hobbies span the gamut of motorized, non-motorized, and backcountry adventures that he shares with his wife, Angie, and five children.

Robbin Capers, Board Member at large. A lifelong outdoor enthusiasts, Robbin embraces the Alaska lifestyle enjoying fatbiking, packrafting and all-around adventuring.

Erin Cutts, Board Member at large. Erin is the Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership at Prince William Sound College. 

Kory Maillet, Board Member at large. Kory moved to Anchorage about 2009 and Valdez about 2014. He came here “only for the summer” but loved it so much he stayed. Kory has been a climber for almost 20 years. He has climbed in Central America, South America and Africa. He took up ice climbing about 5 years ago. He is also into mountain biking and mountaineering. He says Valdez is an amazing place to live, work and play, with endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Jim Pomplun, Board Member at large. Jim moved to Alaska in 2005 and to Valdez in 2018. He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves getting outdoors for hiking, biking, skiing or paddling. He says he chose Valdez because it “offers a lot of things I missed in southeast, mountain biking and roads to get around somewhere, and more importantly, its status as a destination for outdoor adventure. His previous volunteer work includes: 12 years on Ketchikan Area State Parks Advisory Board, 9 years on the Board of Directors for KRBD in Ketchikan, 13 years with Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad, 12 years managing a Condo Association. He is “excited about this opportunity and hope that I can offer my enthusiasm and new-to-town perspective for a great organization, as well as my years of experience helping small organizations do big things.


Jonathan Goold

Board Member. A lifelong resident of Valdez, he grew up playing in the shrinking jungle around new town. He enjoys boardsports, rock climbing, hiking, harvesting wild food, burning imported wood in the yard, and spending time with his wife and two children outside in Alaska.

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Nick Farline

Board Member.

Interested in serving on the VAA board? Send letters of interest to info@valdezadventure.com


Lanette Oliver, Events Manager. Lanette visited Valdez in 2009 and moved here in 2010. She has a long history of working with non-profits. She began the newly-created position of Events Coordinator in late November of 2017.

If you would like to volunteer in any way, contact lanetteoliver@gmail.com, 972-835-6039.


Executive Director

Brandon Reid, Executive Director. A lifelong mountain man and champion of core balance and inner strength, Brandon has come to Valdez to fuel his passion for adrenaline and community building. As a professional snowboarder Brandon has traveled the world looking for the biggest and baddest mountains that this planet has to offer, and he has made his home among the best in existence right here in the Chugach. Brandon uses his experience as an athlete and a 20 year career in non-profit events production to bring a unique perspective to his directorship. He knows what a well run event looks like from both sides of the starting line, and he intends to use this knowledge to produce world class events, competitions, concerts, and training clinics, bringing together a global community of outdoor recreation specialists and enthusiasts. It is his express desire to share his knowledge of the the mountains and their accompanying drainages, throughout all four seasons, with anyone that has a similar desire to learn and push the envelope.