The Valdez Adventure Alliance is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of all ages through organized outdoor events, recreation opportunities, and related education.



 Provide outdoor events, programs, activities and opportunities that improve physical and mental health for individuals; promote family-building; and strengthen the community.

 Create opportunities for participants of all ages to be educated about and participate in, outdoors access, activities, and safety; environmental conservation; athletic skills building; and artistic expression.

 Facilitate cooperation among agencies, land managers, local businesses, and citizens for the development of outdoor recreation infrastructure.

 Advocate for: environmental protection and education; outdoor recreation access, education and industry; and increased participation in outdoor recreation by underrepresented populations including girls and women, minorities, and lower economic levels.

 Produce and promote events and athletic competitions for mountain sports athletes and spectators that benefit the economy and citizens of Valdez.

In all that we do, the Valdez Adventure Alliance dedicates it’s energies toward sustainability and responsible stewardship of the natural resources that define Valdez.




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