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Capitol Convergence

March 7 & 8, 2018


What is Confluence: The mission of Confluence is to connect and cultivate leaders in Alaska's outdoor recreation industry in order to create a more unified and impactful voice promoting and expanding the state's outdoor recreation industry and, in turn, improve state and local economies.

When and Where is Confluence: Confluence: Capitol Convergence will be in Juneau. More details TBA.

Why Attend Confluence: Because many voices are stronger than one. Confluence participants understand that preserving access to outdoor recreation protects the economy, businesses, communities and people who depend on the ability to play, hunt and fish outside. The goal of Confluence is to coalesce around goals and priorities that will best strengthen the state's under-appreciated outdoor economy.

Who Should Attend: Confluence is non-denominational in an outdoorsy sense. All stakeholders in Alaska's outdoor recreation industry are encouraged to attend: Motorized, non-motorized, sportsmen, hikers, bikers, air taxi services, backcountry lodges, public land managers, urban planners, healthcare professionals, tourism industry professionals non-profits, and elected officials are all welcome.